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Level Two SVH Shields and

Clearing Sessions


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Below are complete descriptions of the Level 2 SVH Shields and Clearing Sessions.


If you are a person who would prefer to experience less drama and trauma and enjoy more health, vitality, clarity, abundance, honoring relationships, ease and serenity in your life, then please add as many of the levels of processes as you wish beginning with Level 1. Now is the time to step onto the mastery path you always planned to embrace.


(Upon payment, the energy work is implemented masterfully, and its effects continue to support your personal expansion throughout your life. There is no follow up connection with you after the service. For more information see Services page.)

Ancient Subjugation Formatting:

Clears subjugation formatting and drone profiling held within genetics that support submission and servitude formatting. Imprints the divine blueprint for autonomy from the sovereignty profiles held within the master blueprint of mastery profiles for the human race.

Astral Violation:

Blocks unconscious acceptance of astral violation sponsored through any means, including fantasizing, personal attraction, longing or desire for intimacy. Redirects manipulative influences into holographic representations of the expected outcome.


Recodes the number sequences on barcodes to vibrationally support the ideal representation of the item.

Bodily Excretion Sweep:

Clears any dishonoring of your body’s elimination and excretion process.

Clean Sweep: 

Assists with the grieving process when someone passes away or when a relationship ends.


Cloaked File Scan: 

Covert files are placed into a hologram that pictures you playing them out.

Collective Soul Purpose:

Nullifies all agreements, obligations and responsibilities to take on the unfinished purpose of any aspect of your soul lineage, except for mastery expansion profiles meant to seed your progression.

Data Mix Virus Scan:

Empowers the Creator and your God Self to watch your genetic matrix and erase any unsanctioned modification of your data or viruses that could lower your love and light quotient and vibration.

Death Hormone:

Clears seeds and foundations that could instigate release of the death hormone. Empowers your God Self to issue the Hormone of Infinite Replication.

Destructive Dream Cycles:

Empowers the Creator and your God Self to continuously monitor your dream cycles to identify any development of creation energy that has the potential to outline a pattern that could assemble a destructive sequence in your life that would slow or deviate your progression to mastery, create harm to your host body or limit your acceptance of the highest principles of divine truth. Purges all energy lines that connect to archives, files or living beings on any timeline throughout all dream cycles that have the potential to attract interactions that could activate or support destructive dream cycles.

Divine Balancing Filter:

Releases blocks to you embracing your gifts. Mutes any offering, tool, template or undertaking that is not in alignment with the highest principles of divine truth and/or has the potential to impose barriers that could suppress or block your divine will choice to maintain sovereignty, autonomy and divine stewardship of this lifetime.

DNA Shedding:

This lets your DNA be your DNA.

Dream Cording:

A field of divine light purges all energy lines that connect to archives, files or living beings on any timeline throughout all dream cycles that could attract interactions to activate or support suppression profiles. A permanent shield is put in place to block any future reactivation of cording that has a vibration that holds less than the highest principles of love.

Dream Weaving:

Empowers the Creator and your God Self to identify and unravel repeated patterns of woven content from previous dreams that have the potential to affirm or reestablish limiting profiles of suppression, self-recrimination and/or cycles of stagnation and fear of expansion. This also removes blocks to the full resolution of each scenario presented in the dream cycles.



Rolls to each time you put perceptions, impressions, opinions and choices above your master expansion and wellbeing. Clears the imprinting and indoctrination of servitude, self-sacrifice and martyrdom.

File Scan:

Empowers the Creator and your God Self to continuously scan your files for any files that could lower your love and light quotient and vibration. Suppressive files are transferred into a multi-faceted hologram where their scenarios can unfold.

Footprints and Energy Links:

Blocks all energies, data or vibrations from any aspect of you that has the potential to lower your love/light quotient and vibration.

Good Boy & Good Girl:

Clears imprinting that you are “bad.”

Money Cleaning:

Clears all “yucky” imprinting from all forms of money you handle


Personal File Cloak:

Empowers the Creator and your God Self to cloak all personal files only allowing access to beings embracing the highest principles of love.

Seditious Dream-time Interaction:

Sweeps through your life to continuously scan your dreams to identify and quarantine (in a hologram) any seditious interaction that could imprint profiles or link energy cords that could or will lower your love and light quotient and vibration.


Seeds of Orion:

Conveys seeds of deception or duality into a fictive file hologram.

Sovereign Space:

Imposes a prime directive that blocks any entity, energy or essence from entering your property or animals that share space with you, unless they agree to be indemnified from the influence of the adversary.

Toxic Shame Sweep:

Removes the woven blueprint of toxic shame held within the bodies, fields, parts and particles of your fetus/host body brought forth from genetic imprinting. 

Twenty-six Clearing Sequences

Vow Sweep: 

This process goes in place before your soul enters the body to ensure that you do not take on any limiting or suppressive vows carried forward on your genetic line. Since vows of that nature are usually tracked, a holographic representation that shows you honoring the vow is put in place as a safety precaution.

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