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Level One Enlightenment Sessions

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Below are complete descriptions of the Level One Enlightenment Sessions.


If you are a person who would prefer to experience less drama and trauma and enjoy more health, vitality, clarity, abundance, honoring relationships, ease and serenity in your life, then please add as many of the levels of processes as you wish beginning with Level 1. Now is the time to step onto the mastery path you always planned to embrace.


(Upon payment, the energy work is implemented masterfully, and its effects continue to support your personal expansion throughout your life. There is no follow up connection with you after the service. For more information see Services page.)

Auric Field Blessing:

Blesses everything that crosses into your auric field and imprints it with the energy of gratitude and sovereignty.



Empowers the Creator to restore clarity and balance quickly when fear, doubt or drama cloud you mind and spur a pervasive cycle of random inner-dialogue.


Divine Essence:

  • Empowers the Creator and your God Self to infuse the wholeness of you with Divine Essence for eleven minutes whenever it would be of benefit to you.

  • Saturates your sentience with an infusion of love and activates a recognition profile momentarily linking your consciousness with the soul’s sacred breath that touches everything. This assists you to feel the correlation between the wholeness of you, your soul and everything it touches. This infusion assists every part of you to recognize the truth of your divine nature and your role within the Creator’s Plan.


Elixir of Light:

Elixir of light appears to be luminescent liquid gold.  It is love. This process empowers the Creator to infuse the Elixir of Light (whenever it would benefit you) into every cell and facet of your body for eleven minutes to restore balance and harmony.


Enhanced DNA:

Empowers the Creator to roll back to encode Divine Blueprints into the ovum and semen that will become you in order to introduce the many enhanced characteristics of Master genetics.


Fetal DNA Activation:

  • Begins during your gestation period to initiate a crystalline sacred geometric symbol that the Creator will reflect into the energy grid of the womb.

  • Empowers the Creator to gracefully active the DNA and mitochondria throughout your gestation.

  • Empowers the Creator to lay the foundation for the divine timing of your accelerated expansion.


Focus of Purpose:

  • Empowers the Creator to align the wholeness of you with the plan you made with the Creator for this life.

  • Reflects a map of the plan into all facets of your crystalline body and calls upon the masters of light and angelic guides who are aligned with supporting your sacred purpose. They will illuminate graceful pathways to assist you in easily fulfilling your purpose in the most healthy, harmonious and abundant manner.

  • Assists you to realign your focal point with the plan you made with the Creator.



Empowers the Creator, whenever it would be of benefit for you, to instantly ground, balance and consciously align you with the master walk and the neutral energy flow of the highest principles of divine truth.


Ideal Human Divine Union:

  • Human Divine Union is a connection of souls and an infusion of love through consensual physical coupling.  It is a mechanism for anchoring an alignment between two souls, which can endure all phases of personal growth and discovery.  Respect, honor and sovereignty are always maintained throughout Human Divine Union.

  • Throughout the history of this world, sexual intercourse has been used as a tool for suppression and personal conquest.  Imprints from current life formatting and past life experiences, along with vows of chastity and learned suppression of physical expression have influenced many in their selection of a mate(s) and the ability to join their beloved in creating a bridge of love where they may unite to remember the union of souls.

  • Many times both the sacredness of a union and suppression can be present within your coupling, based upon current life formatting, past life experiences and the genetic foundation of both you and your partner

  • This process begins at birth and clears all that is sponsoring, fostering, anchoring or allowing blocks to your attaining the ideal Human Divine Union in every element of coupling you assist to create.  It infuses the bodies, fields, parts and particles of you and your partner throughout your exchange.

  • Putting this process in place also empowers your God Self to offer the Serenity Clearing and Shielding Processes to the God Self of your partner.


Innate Gifts:

  • Initiates multiple times over the course of your life, based on your divine timing and divine alignment with your perpetually evolving master self.

  • Overlays a master expansion blueprint in the ovum and semen prior to your conception assuring a divine ideal foundation that supports your application of innumerable innate gifts in the new paradigm of your youth, adolescence and adult life.

  • Empowers the Creator to periodically employ a series of master trainings that will be implemented in your sleep cycles, assisting you to perfect the use of each tool, gift and ability.


Light Cord Expansion:

  • Empowers the Creator to expand your focus and ability to access and receive, clear, concise uploads of information by activating a Spiritual Connection Pipeline within your light cord.

  • Enhances your capacity to maintain a hyperlink for downloading high concentrations of thought forms, allowing for whole concepts and truths to be transferred through the pipeline.


Serenity Vibration:

Repeats multiple times over the course of your life based on divine timing and divine alignment with your perpetually evolving master self.


Transformational Chakras:

Initiates in divine timing empowering the Creator to activate all thirteen primary chakras. It adjusts all energy channels, calibrating them to maintain the same vibration as your chakras.


Wisdom of the Ages:

This process begins at your birth and downloads into your energy fields, bodies and particles the wisdom and original writings of the masters and scribes of all cultures into your fields of knowledge.  This process infuses the Sacred Rays into all text prior to infusion, transforming to light all that does not hold clarity and the highest vibration of truth.

  • The Torah of Light

  • The Holy Bible

  • The Koran

  • The Talmud

  • The Sumerian Tablets

  • The Books of Mormon

  • The Books of Enoch

  • The Dead Sea Scrolls

  • The Book of the Dead

  • The Book of Life

  • The Sacred Book of Truths

  • The Secrets of Solomon

  • The Vedic Teachings

  • The Tehillim (Psalms)

  • The writings of all ancient cultures

  • God puts all the rest in…including oral stories and Native American teachings

  • The list evolves within the illusion of time.

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