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I want to say Thank you, with all my heart.  In 2005 when I first contacted you for a session, I was in a deep depression after losing all my money and the respect of my family and friends.


Joyce, thank you for teaching me Level One Class.  You showed me the way to change my life with the use of Serenity Vibration Healing Technique.

When I first started working with you I was in a deep dark tunnel, and you handed me a rope and showed me  **how to get out of it on my own,**.  For that, thank you my dear friend. Now I am a totally different person. I have not drama in my life.


Maria E. from Florida


Let me Just say thank you.  Three days after your seminar, an old boss called me to offer me my job back after 3 yrs.  I loved working for him and I loved the job, but there was a woman there who sabotaged and manipulated me out.  She took my position as supervisor and was so skillful at manipulating people and events, that I almost had a breakdown.  Very quickly after your speech, I began to hate her less and was finally able to let go of the hate.  Then Charles called telling me that she just up and quit...  Now its just me, my old boss and he is hiring in one of my best friends.  I feel completely blessed that after 5 months of looking for work, the perfect opportunity, literally, falls into my lap, only days after you did your clearing.  Thank you so much...  There just are no words for this.



My ability to preserve and nurture negative self thoughts was appreciably deteriorated after my first session with Joyce.  I began to believe that I wasn't carrying what felt like a gargantuan black trunk on my shoulders, a trunk bigger than Shrek.  (Sorry, that is the only visual that comes to mind.)  I carried that trunk since my teens.  It is GONE and I know, truly know that it will not be back.  It feels that I erased a line of impending doom.  My "plates" that she stacked included a resurgence of my ability to earn a living, believing that I CAN.  In 11 weeks I have had more situations "come together. The other "change" that I have noticed the most is that people seem to be more open to talking with me, as if I am overtly approachable.  It seems as though I strike a connection, a connection that feels sooo genuine.


Lisa from Rockford, IL

About a year ago I was going through a enormous amount of stress, to the point it was creating so much anxiety within me I couldn't concentrate, and I would wake up shaking in the middle of the night. We did the stress release program together. [Angelic Re-birthing, Level One Clearings & Shields and some quantum level re-programming about her specific issues.] 

I am so amazed how quickly it worked. Now nothing bothers me. I have not felt any stress at all. Even though situations still happen, I am able to look at them from the outside, which helps me resolve them so much faster. I am looking forward to using other programs also. 




Thanks you for the trigger word ZIP. It was amazing how instantly I was able to take in such a deep breath. I never knew how fully my lungs were able to expand. This trigger word has been  especially helpful when I do my healing work. People have no idea how important it is to breathe to maintain good health. It (SVH) has opened up not only my mind but also my life to the world of possibilities. I don't have to feel 'contained' (affected by restrictions or limiting thinking) and it's helped me towards Oneness.


Kathy D. fromCincinnati, OH


I found out about you through a friend's recommendation. This is the first time I have ever ordered such energetic healing over the internet and I was at first hesitant and a little skeptical (especially over such a long distance; I am in London). But my friend assured me it works, and after 'viewing the screen' I got a clear 'good to go' from my intuition. I felt an energetic change almost immediately after clicking the pay button and this continued for the rest of the evening: a gentle yet insistent energy field all over my body. I woke up this morning with it still there. I am looking forward to seeing what changes and effects this clearing will produce. Thanks again for your message and your work.


Andrew from London UK


What a divine gift the session was! It was better even than my highest expectations! I just Love the Light Language (sounds a bit like Chinese).The most obvious positive changes are my spine and my chest. The former definitely feels more aligned and straight and the latter much more open!Infinite thanks to the Arcturians, the Masters, Angels, the Creator and you for this blessed overhaul!Andrea A. from Stockholm, Sweden


Andrea A. from Stockholm, Sweden


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