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Below is a list of Level 3 Processes. SVH processes release and rewrite programming, beliefs and experiences of your life that no longer serve you.


Please order Level 1 Processes before ordering Level 2 or Level 3 Processes.


Be sure to view the screen before placing your order. If you have any questions, get in touch by filling out this contact form. I look forward to hearing from you!





Adam Kadmon Body: Created in God’s image and comprised of the same cosmic elements, Adam Kadmon is the foundational image for a perfected physical manifestation of a human being. Developing the Adam Kadmon body is essentially developing the God Body. (The crystalline and golden bodies deal with the ethereal bodies and energies and Adam Kadmon encompasses the wholeness of the self, both energetically and physically.)

Anti-Master Genetics Shield

Ascension Shield

Astrological Grid Alliance

Fifth Realm Healing

Five stellar grid alignments that support: Unified Convergence Points, Astrological Grid Alliance, Abundance Convergence Points, Vitality Convergence Points, Expansion Convergence Points 

Genius Encodement

God's Mirror

I Am Feng Shui

Light Cord Expansion

Prana Infusion

Radiation Diffusion Shield

Soul Lineage File Redirect: Makes it so that you only access the perfected files of your soul lineage.

Spiritual Impeccability: Fosters the impeccability of words, thoughts, actions and intentions and supports your attainment of the ideal spiritual impeccability that is achieved by your future ascended master self.

Supporters: Those who gift or assist you in any way are gifted by Archangel Michael. All you gift to others and the world is returned to you tenfold.

Transmigration Jetlag

Violet Master Abundance Bloodline Vibration: Applies over four thousand principles and systems spanning from conception through your life and contains a huge generic clearing for abundance. Your genetic encodements will be transformed to emanate a violet master abundance vibration that expands to attract opportunities and rewards those who help you. You will be supported by eleven angels that will work to attract abundance opportunities and support your accomplishments.  Clearing mechanisms activate throughout your life to identify and re-script limiting patterns. 


LEVEL 3 OVERLAYS ($275.00):


The goal of an Overlay is to help you to disengage from an energetic bondage to the cycles of imbalance that you consciously identify with. Overlay processes support personal empowerment by subconsciously redirecting the limiting 

imprints of past realities that are firmly held in the conscious mind. Imagine what it would be like to have an imprint of success continuously engaging your subconscious and reflecting imprints of a new reality that you are choosing to embrace, rather than reflections of old memories that have defined you as less.


Much like painting a new scene over an old work of art, the original images of old paradigms in your life still remain on the canvas under the new image. However, the Creator's new story is reflected to your subconscious mind as the progressive Serenity Tools re-script the many layers of the old images.


There are comprehensive clearing profiles written into each of these individualized processes to reformat blocks to accepting the Creator's implementation of these blessings.



Abundance Consciousness
All Overlays that the Creator and your God Self feel would be of benefit to you
Divine Ideal Relationships  
Mantle of Mastery
Master Genetics
New Earth & the New Rules
Perfected Knowledge
Prosperity Consciousness
Release of myth  
Self Love




These processes empower the Creator and your God Self to release the hold that limiting collective agreements have held on your DNA (the processes do not affect your ancestors) as the sweep moves through imprints and agreements aligned by your primordial ancestors. These files begin with your earliest maternal and paternal ancestors (the first “Adam” and “Eve” of your line) through to your biological parents. In most cases these unweavings go back 65,000 years.


When these are activated they automatically roll back to begin during the last time you slept. For the “positive” attributes listed the unweaving will clear blocks to manifesting them.



View the screen before placing order

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View the screen before placing order

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 Abundance Consciousness

 Abundance Vibration

 Acceptance of Divine Truth

 Acceptance of Expansion

 Acceptance of Oneness


 Alliance with Mistruth

 Alliance with the Ego

 Anger and Resentment

 Anxiety and worry

 Application of Master Genetics

 Application of Sacred Geometry


 Astrological Alliance




 Balance within the Realm

 Balanced Creator Archetype

 Balanced Harmonious Neutral Progression

 Balanced Kundalini

 Balanced Masculine & Feminine


 Blocks to Pathways of Divine Love

 Blocks to Sacred Purpose

 Body Definition [I can’t do that because...]

 Body Mass [about not being enough]

 Bound Up

 Boundless Acceleration

 Carnivorous Energy

 Cause & Effect


 Collective Abasement




 Detriment of Self



 Divine Acceptance

 Divine Authority 

 Divine Clarity

 Divine Consumption

 Divine Creation

 Divine Evolution of Self

 Divine Guidance

 Divine Hope

 Divine Ideal Body

 Divine Identity

 Divine Joy

 Divine Love

 Divine Neutrality

 Divine Personality

 Divine Relationships

 Divine Sexuality

 Divine Wisdom

 Drama Rollercoaster

 Duality Coding

 Embedded Genetic Curses

 Embedded Genetic Karma

 Embedded Genetic Vows

 Embedded Roles



 Eternal Connection to Source

 Evolving Body

 Evolving Consciousness

 Evolving Mind

 Expanding beyond the Physical

 Expansion of the Sacred Heart

 Expecting Perfection

 External Sabotage


 Fear Auto-Response

 Fear of Abundance 

 Fear of Death

 Fear of Dying

 Fear of Life

 Fear of Love

 Foundations of Gossamer [veil]

 Genetic Limitation

 Genetic Weakness


 Global Mistruths




 Habits and Patterns

 Harmonious Expansion


 Honoring Self



 Ideal Fourth Realm

 Illusion of Duality

 Illusions Refuting the Origin

 Image of Truth


 In the Moment


 Independent Love

 Inequity [anything that supports that imbalance is     





 Limited Capability 

 Limited Thinking


 Loss of Dreams

 Loss of Innocence

 Loss of Love

 Master Atlas

 Master Consciousness

 Master Embodiment

 Master Vitality

 Mental Limitation




 Neutral Duality Master Walk

 Neutral Observer

 Neutrality Body




 Pain Body




 Perceived Defeat

 Perceived Failure

 Perceived Loss

 Perceived Rejection

 Perceptions of Evil

 Perpetual Love

 Personal Image

 Physical Body Stability

 Physical Limitation

 Poverty Consciousness

 Primordial Moldering Imprints [everything returns to dust]

 Punishment [an expectation of this]

 Pure in Heart

 Reactions to Truth

 Realm of Plenty


 Reflecting Individuality

 Rejection of Love

 Release of Authority

 Resistance to Completing

 Rigidity Rituals 

 Royal Radiance 



 Self Abasement 

 Self Acceptance 

 Self Appreciation 

 Self Empowerment 

 Self Esteem 

 Self Love 

 Self Rejection 

 Self Sabotage 

 Self Sacrifice 

 Self Worth 




 Suppression Profiles 


 Survival Mode 





 Understanding the Unfathomable 

 Unified Intention 

 Unified Participation 


 Universal Mistruths 

 Unrequited Love 

 Valuing Self 



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