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Below is a list of Level 1 Processes. SVH processes release and rewrite programming, beliefs and experiences of your life that no longer serve you.


If you are a person who would prefer to experience less drama and trauma and enjoy more health, vitality, clarity, abundance, honoring relationships, ease and serenity in your life, then please add as many of the levels of processes as you wish beginning with Level 1. Now is the time to step onto the mastery path you always planned to embrace.


Be sure to view the screen before placing your order. If you have any questions, get in touch by filling out this contact form. I look forward to hearing from you!



(Upon payment, the energy work is implemented masterfully, and its effects continue to support your personal expansion throughout your life. There is no follow up connection with you after the service. For more information see Services page.)


Wraps you in an angelic cocoon of love from your conception to your birth. This cocoon blocks all thoughts, words and energies from outside the womb which hold less than the highest divine love. As you enter this world you are 

welcomed by the masters, angels and guides aligned with supporting your evolution.


No matter the previous circumstances of your birth, this process guarantees a new beginning that is free of  drama and trauma. 


LEVEL 1 CLEARINGS: (for a complete description of the Level One SVH Clearing Sessions click here.)

Contracts and Covenants

Control Compartments

Curse Release 

Death Door

Galactic Violation

Harm Cord


Identity Confusion

Karma Release

Minor Trauma

Physical Trauma: Same parameters as emotional trauma.

Physical Violation

Sleeping Angel: Nullifies any soul agreement that allows your evolution to be monitored for adversarial purposes.

Unauthorized Interaction

Wedge Seal


LEVEL 1 SHIELDS: (for a complete description of the Level One SVH Shielding Sessions click here.)

Adversary Shield 

Astral Travel Shield

Cording Shield

Device Shield

EMF Shield

Freedom Shield: Prevents mentors or other authorities from limiting your advancement beyond their achievements.

Intentional Harm Shield

Light Cord Shield

Organism Shield

Ritual Shield: Divine light sanctifies buildings, grounds and everything that you use in ceremonies and rituals.

Seed Shield

Snoop Shield

Soul Sovereignty Shield

Sovereignty Sphere: A sphere of Divine Light is placed around any structure before you enter it. Includes Feng Shui.

Spectrum Shield: Radiates the love vibration of every master of light and angelic being in sacred service on this world. 

Suppression Shield: Nullifies agreements that have the potential to imprint, encode or introduce suppression profilesinto this incarnation and clears suppression profiles in words, symbols, signs, tokens or vibrations that you are exposed to.

Thought Shield: Blocks for your entire life negative and/or limiting thoughts others had or will have about you and nullifies limiting thoughts you might have about others! 

Vehicle Sphere 

Wandering Spirit Shield


LEVEL 1 PHYSICAL SUPPORT: (for a complete description on the Level One SVH Physical Healing Sessions click here.)

Auditory Function

Baby Cleanse

Balanced Remedy

Bed Cocoon: Sacred rays, healing crystals and divine light make this a wonderful way to sleep.

Blood and Lymph

Brain/Nervous System

Cardiovascular System

Cavitation and Root Canal Procedures

Chemicals and Fumes

Dental Procedures

Endocrine System

Field of Oxygen

Food Blessing Symbols

Foreign DNA and Fragmented Energy

Genetic Predispositions



Intestinal Tract/Digestive System

Life Essence



No Jet Lag

Oxygen Symbol

Prosthetic or Synthetic Insertions

Reproductive System

Respiratory System

Sleep Regeneration: Your God Self activates this for you whenever you intend to go to sleep to stretch time for eight full hours of regeneration so that your body moves through all of the sleep cycles. 

Structural Alignment

Surgical Procedures

Viruses, Organisms and Germs





LEVEL 1 ENLIGHTENMENT: (for a complete description click here:)

Astrological Blocks to Mastery: Blocks all negative or limiting influences in your chart. 

Auric Field Blessing


Comfort Level: Comfort Level: Raises the bar on what you accept in your life.

Data Retrieval and Processing: Blocks materials depicting violence, rape, murder, etc. from creating energy links between you and similar genetic and past life experiences which could activate potentials to accept or allow similar 

events within this life. Empowers your God Self to support data retrieval which is essential for you. 

Divine Essence

Elixir of Light

Energy Flow: This process clears suppression profiles that have to do with the waiting for the big payday, for money coming to you, to win the lottery or hoping for a boom in your business. 

Enhanced DNA

Fetal DNA Activation

Focus of Purpose


Ideal Human Divine Union: Assists you to join your beloved in creating a bridge of love where you may unite to remember the union of souls. It also clears your past relationships. 

Innate Gifts

Light Cord Expansion 

Serenity Vibration

Transformational Chakras: Initiates in divine timing empowering the Creator to activate all thirteen primary chakras. 

Wisdom of the Ages: Imprints the perfected texts of the masters and scribes of all cultures on this world. 



A high vibration, faceted, crystalline formation that is a component of your energy body and encompasses the wholeness of you. This body allows evolving masters to reach heightened states of awareness on this dual plane. It can take as many as thirteen to eighteen years to fully develop a crystalline body, but this Serenity 

Process empowers the Creator to develop and activate yours in an instant.


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