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Level One SVH Clearing Sessions

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Below are complete descriptions of the Level 1 SVH Clearing Sessions.


If you are a person who would prefer to experience less drama and trauma and enjoy more health, vitality, clarity, abundance, honoring relationships, ease and serenity in your life, then please add as many of the levels of processes as you wish beginning with Level 1. Now is the time to step onto the mastery path you always planned to embrace.


(Upon payment, the energy work is implemented masterfully, and its effects continue to support your personal expansion throughout your life. There is no follow up connection with you after the service. For more information see Services page.)

All of the Clearing Processes that you select are offered to the God Self of each aspect of you, your ancestors and posterity.  If accepted, these gifts will assist in paving the way for a new light weave in the tapestry of your lives and the lifetimes of your family line.


Contracts and Covenants:

This process cancels all covenants, promises and agreements made on any level, in any lifetime, within time, between time, zero time and/or carried forward on the genetic lines that do not serve your souls highest good.  New covenants, promises and agreements are drafted by your God/God Self that seal your purpose within a new glorious covenant with God, which claims sovereignty over your minds, bodies, fields, parts, particles and essence, to maintain only lightness and blessedness from this day forward. This process will re-script your life to be free of manipulation from the actions and choices you made in other incarnations.


Control Compartments:

Control compartments are etheric level devices that are created and used by less-than-light beings to manipulate and control your behavior. They are the seedbed for mind control, subliminal suppression profiles and formatting that can be activated to stifle your evolution to higher consciousness by shutting down the psychic centers. Control compartments are nearly as old as humanity but are not part of the human divine blueprint. This process places the Seal of God on all control compartments/devices.


Curse Release:

This process removes all soul agreements to bring forward any and all curses from the genetic lines and/or past life experience, as well as all agreements to allow your host body to be cursed in this lifetime. Also resolves all curses you have cursed upon others in all lifetimes, on all worlds and dimensions and resolves all curses (where allowed) which have been cursed against you. Resolves karma and energy cords between you and all cursers/cursed. A shield blocks any new curses from attaching to you throughout this lifetime and infuses anyone who attempts to curse you with love. The Seal of God is placed on all lifetimes where the curses were no resolved, preventing any less-than-light energy of curses from flowing into this lifetime.


Death Door Sweep:

  • Death doors can many times be a “wake-up call,” that will anchor a being to their mastery path, or they could be sponsored by a conscious or unconscious choice to lay the body down.  Each choice is honored. 

  • On the fast track to mastery and service to the magnificent plan for this time in the evolution to higher consciousness and transformation, death doors and the drama associated with them are mostly a nuisance.  To a master in remembering, death is not in the plan.

  • In this session, we empower your God Self to clear away all limiting beliefs, profiles, barriers, blocks and anchors which are supporting or assisting to create each death door that is set along the paths you step on throughout each day of this lifetime. This allows you to continue on each path you choose free of the drama of profiles that could suppress your light quotient and deviate you from your mastery path and remembering.


Emotional Trauma Sweep: 

Rolls back to birth and rolls forward into your future, searching for incidents of emotional trauma. Whenever emotional trauma occurs, the sweep reverses back in time one minute and forty-seven angels surround you.  A sequence starts that allows your God Self to release all beliefs and genetic pre-dispositions which are assisting to create the trauma. Time rolls forward.  If the trauma occurs, the moment it is complete, the light of God enters your crown chakra removing all trauma held at the cellular level created by the event.  All cords and karma you acquired are dissolved.  All beliefs which changed from positive to less-than-light are immediately transformed back to positive ones. 


When this process is activated you will feel a shift within your bodies and fields as new profiles anchor a reality that is free of the brokenness left behind by the events of emotional trauma, which previously shaped your life.

Galactic Violation:

This process nullifies all soul agreements and alliances with galactic influences that violate your free will and do not support your sovereignty. Stops abduction, implantation and experimentation by the Pleiadians.


Harm Cords:

This process dissolves all energy cords between you and all beings that have harmed you or you have harmed in past lives and all energy cords brought forward through the genetic lines in the past. It will roll forward from birth throughout your lifetime dissolving energy cords, resolving your karma with beings that have or will harm you and all beings you may harm in this lifetime.



Nullifies all alliances with soul agreements that have the potential to attract limiting events and associations aligned with aspects of your soul lineage that were victimized.


Identity Confusion:

  • Rolls through your life to any time you have the potential to separate your conscious awareness from your unified distinct identity.

  • Employs the intervention profiles in the Minor Trauma, Emotional Trauma and Physical Trauma Processes.

  • Implements a net of sovereignty and creates a space of refuge for your univied distinct identity, holding it in a unified space and fusing it with your choice to maintain sovereignty.


Karma Release: 

Through the Creator, this process can easily resolve all karma from past incarnations and present life experience. It clears, resolves and releases all karma that you have with any being from any lifetime across all worlds and dimensions. This process will roll from birth through your lifetime, resolving karma you develop. It will not clear the karma that others have with you but any energy cords between you and any beings that you have karma with are dissolved.


Minor Trauma Sweep (Daily):  

The first time this process is activated it rolls back to your birth and forward to your now moment to clear all debris left behind by minor trauma. 


Physical Trauma Sweep:

Same format as the Emotional Trauma Sweep but this time we are working with physical trauma.  This process not only will assist your body to heal after physical trauma, but in many cases it will reduce or eliminate the severity of the impact of the trauma.  By infusing your body with the Light of God, the love vibration buffers the force of each impact and shifts the vibration of trauma to one of restoring well-being. Trauma from childhood and your past will many times drift away, as the rescripted reality becomes your new truth. As with all manifestation, embracing your new reality is paramount.


Physical Violation:

  • Nullifies all soul agreements that have the potential to activate an alliance with the experiences of being raped or participating in physical violation of any kind.

  • Employs the intervention profiles in the Emotional Trauma and Physical Trauma Processes to potentially prevent and ultimately restore balance.


Sleeping Angel:

  • Nullifies any soul agreement that allows your progression to be monitored for adversarial purposes.

  • Begins at your birth to initiate a hologram that reflects an image of the way your energy signature and vibration would appear to be if you remained un-awakened and ignored your soul’s progression.


Unauthorized Interaction: 

A hologram is placed in your fields and remains active throughout this lifetime to block all unauthorized interaction that would not honor your free will. Any individual who attempts to alter you without your verbal permission will be working in this hologram and unable to detect they are interacting with a reflection of you.


Wedge Seal:

Wedges are tiny fissures within your energy fields and bodies which allow suppressive negative energy to enter your space.  When they open, suppressive energy pervades your space which can create frustration, repressed or explosive anger and rage, depression and suicidal thoughts. Their main function is to adversely influence the capability of an individual to reach and exceed their goals (suppress personal growth, limit light quotient, cause an individual to relinquish the plans they made with the Creator for this lifetime). This process places the Seal of God on all wedges and blocks them from opening in this lifetime.

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