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Level Two Enlightenment Sessions

Below are complete descriptions of the Level Two Enlightenment Sessions.


If you are a person who would prefer to experience less drama and trauma and enjoy more health, vitality, clarity, abundance, honoring relationships, ease and serenity in your life, then please add as many of the levels of processes as you wish beginning with Level 1. Now is the time to step onto the mastery path you always planned to embrace.


(Upon payment, the energy work is implemented masterfully, and its effects continue to support your personal expansion throughout your life. There is no follow up connection with you after the service. For more information see Services page.)


View the screen before placing order

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Alpha Brain Wave:

This is the brain wave that Jesus maintained almost entirely during his mastery.

Ancestral Soul Purpose:

Nullifies all agreements, obligations and responsibilities to take on the unfinished soul purpose of any ancestor or sibling except for master expansion profiles meant to seed your progression.

Anchoring the Ichor Codes:

These codes spark the immortality matrixes within your body. 

Anchoring the Truth of You:

Empowers the Creator and your God Self to imprint every facet of your wholeness with the truth of your oneness with the Creator and the ultimate plan for expansion. 

Atlantian Amplification Ring:

Positions an ethereal crystalline ring within your light cord. Activates the ring to focus reception and clarity when channeling accuracy drops below optimum.

Balanced Kundalini:

Imprints a template at conception designed to uphold a balanced flow of kundalini throughout each point of the channel.

Benign Creation Energy:

Think of using the energy from all the things that you may have started and then quit.

Conscious Awareness in Each Reality:

Empowers the Creator and your God Self to initiate an omnipresent, all-pervading, universal oneness profile that will enhance your ability to be consciously ever present. Assists you to be fully conscious and aware of your service in each moment in every capacity you are serving on all realms, while remaining anchored to the world you are within.


Gift Expansion:

Initiates a reconnection sequence of all mastery profiles and gifts that have been blocked, disengaged or impeded from expansion.

Golden Body Process:

Transforms your crystalline body to an energy body form with a configuration of golden facets that have the potential to fully expand with every phase of your evolution to higher consciousness. This body has the capacity to sustain and reflect the highest vibration of the most pristine form of divine light that each sentient being will ultimately attain in their progression to the near completion.

Harmonic Amplification:

Empowers the Creator and your God Self to identify and tag all creation formations that hold the highest principles of divine truth. Links that sacred energy to the sacred like-mind grid.

Harmony Codes:

Encodes the ovum and semen with formats designed to support balance in the presence of unstable energy. Activates internal systems to harmonize your physical and energy bodies when external environments are fragmented.


Inhaling Unconditional Love:

Empowers the Creator and your God Self to infuse unconditional love into the air you breathe as a vehicle to convey the Creator’s love to every facet of your host body.

Language of Light Accelerator:

Creator and your God Self petition the Language of Light Council to produce an accelerator that is calibrated to propel you gracefully forward on your sacred mission. Your God Self projects the accelerator image throughout the wholeness of you to accelerate your evolution to higher consciousness.

Love & Joy Exchange:

Empowers the Creator and your God Self to create an energy portal that will link your heart to the heart of your balanced inner-child. Initiates an exchange filled with joy and childlike innocence from your inner child that supports a loving neutral acceptance of self.

Neutral Duality Master Walk:

Activates a multifaceted field of Golden Rose Consciousness to support the master paradigms of neutral duality within your master walk.

Perfected Priesthood:

Creator and your God Self load the template for each priesthood affiliation in its perfected state free of any covenant or imbalance that is not aligned with the highest principles of divine truth or any conduct that is not in alignment with the perfected template. Imbalances that have the potential to activate less than loving principles or a potential to demean the station are cleared.

Perfecting the Word:

“Cleans up” all the words you have written, read, spoken, sung, thought or heard.

Sacred Communication:

Empowers the Creator and your God Self to imprint a template of all sacred languages and symbols into every facet of your wholeness.

Sacred Rays:

Rains the sacred rays throughout your fields. 

Soul Cording:

Clears all energy cords and/or soul fragments that you collect through the sorting process and astral travel and restores all energy cords and soul fragments to their designated timelines and dimensions.


Soul Union:

Every time in your life when you came to a moment of choice where life changing potentials could occur through that choice, an aspect of you containing a part of your soul split off so that you could experience both realities. In those parallel realities thus created you are interacting with holograms of people. Although this splitting is not something that regularly affects a person unless they are on antidepressant medications or have used mind altering drugs (which create fissures that allow the multiple realities to leak into the current life), there does come a time when unifying the soul assists in the master walk and the master expansion. This is the value of unifying the soul fragments. The parallel realities will dissolve but the experiences you had will be logged. 


The Sound of Creation:

Continuously infuses the tone, note and frequency of creation into every facet of your wholeness and reinitiates that perfected tone if it is disabled or stops. 


Creates a symphony that ideally harmonizes the physical and the energy bodies with the wholeness of creation. 


Ten-fold Return:

All your expenditures are transformed to the energy of a gift bestowed with loving intent thus empowering your God Self to call upon the Law of a Ten-fold Return for all expenditures you have made or will make. 

The Connection:

Encodes the ovum and semen with a series of ideal formats (grid connections) for your physical and energy body matrix. Updates with ideal formats as your evolution shifts or alters parameters of your evolving master bodies. Links your grid with a balanced version of the cosmic egg if any facet of the universal lattice fragments.


The Tones of Love:

Infuses every facet of your wholeness with the tones of love and releases all that is in opposition to the principles of divine love. 

The Vibration of Gratitude:

Infuses the wholeness of you with the vibration of gratitude.

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