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These Level 1 Mastery Processes empower the Creator and your God Self to do Quantum Level Re-programming for you. Limiting thoughts, genetic alliances and current random inner dialogue associated with the limitation or situation addressed by the trigger process are cleared and re-scripted. After you are given any of the triggers during a phone consultation (or you order them from my site) simply thinking or saying the trigger word will instantly activate the process for you.


Be sure to view the screen before placing your order. If you have any questions, get in touch by filling out this contact form. I look forward to hearing from you!



$20.00 for 4* or $100.00 for all

* Please indicate your 4 choices in your order


All Clear: There is no cost for this trigger because I use it to contain any other triggers you order from my site. For 

example if you order “Cancel” and “Clean” you may use them individually as desired or you may simply think or say “All 

Clear” to activate both of them at once. There’s no limit to the number of triggers “All Clear” can contain.

Angelic Intervention. 

Aura Balancing

Cancel: Clears and rewrites the seeds and foundations that are the theme and topic you are choosing to cancel. 


Creation Words: Sweeps forward from your birth to identify each time you intentionally or unintentionally spoke or 

thought the word “I” to describe yourself or your realm. When the use of “I” limited or suppressed the truth of your 

magnificence your God Self re-scripts the context and content of the words to support the truth of your magnificence.

Describe (Description): Nullifies all creation energy that would fuel or support the reality of the theme you are 

describing. This allows you to give no creation energy to situations you need to explain (e.g. discussing ill health with 

friends or your doctor). 

Dolphin Love Healing: Nine hour sonar infusion of love from ethereal dolphins. 

Focus Blast 

Judgment: Reformats the seeds and foundations that are supporting the current judgment of yourself, others or any 

situation you are addressing. Limiting thoughts and genetic alliances with the judgments re-script along with the current 

random inner dialogue. 

Light My Fire: The Creator initiates an eleven minute Divine Light infusion through your crown chakra and instills your 

physical and energy bodies with ideal encodements to fuel ideal pathways supporting your life’s passion and your 

purpose for this life.

Manifest: Mutes the creation forming potential of limiting conscious thoughts or words that have sponsored your desire 

to activate the trigger. Calls upon universal reservoirs of benign creation energy to fuel your desired manifestation. 

Pain Release



Stop It Now

Sweet Dreams

You Are Wonderful: Empowers the Creator and your God Self to initiate an infusion of divine light directed to the 

recipients of this blessing that you mentally define. Infusions of the Sacred Rays and a chorus from the angelic choir 

bless them for twenty minutes. 

Zen Mind Meditation

Zen Space: Supports an alliance with your Master Walk; to be actively present in the world, supporting the collective 

expansion, while never aligning with that which opposes love. It assists you to align with Zen Mind ideals when beta and 

alpha brain waves are utilized to support your active lifestyle. 



God Sphere: Activates a golden sphere that is imprinted with the unconditional love of the Father God and placed above 

your crown chakra. The sphere slowly enters your crown chakra and moves through your body, infusing every facet of 

the wholeness of you with the unconditional love of the Father God. A clearing reformats the seeds and foundations of 

imbalances that support rejection of God’s unconditional love.

Goddess Sphere: Same parameters as the God Sphere only for the Goddess Mother. 

Creator Sphere: Activates three spheres above your crown chakra. One sphere represents the wholeness of the Creator 

that encompasses the individuated selves of the Goddess Mother and Father God and the two remaining spheres 

represent the Goddess Mother and Father God. The three spheres merge into one and slowly enter your crown chakra, 

moving through your body and infusing every facet of the wholeness of you with the unconditional love of the Creator. A 

clearing reformats the seeds and foundations of imbalance that support the rejection of unconditional love and the 

Creator’s love.




View the screen before placing order

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